Playing Aboard the SS Epic at Fat Cats Nightclub

Roadside Louie - "Live at Stanhope House"

Roadside Louie & The Dusters Cruisin'

Hanging With the Late Great James Cotton

Playing With Son, Chris

Fat Cats Photo Shoot

Roadside & Eugene Crysler Playing the Notch

Bill Stuve

The Three Amigos

Friend & Duster - Mike D'Agati 1952-2013

Roadside Louie & The Dusters

Eugene Crysler & Lester Veith

Roadside & TJ "Keys" @ Stanhope House

Roadside Louie With Horn Section

"Standing Room Only" CD

Blues With A Feeling

At The Annual Cranberry Lake Gig

Roadside With TJ & Bill

House Band @ The Stanhope House

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